“Coaching has become the most popular approach to leadership development in the 21st century.” – Dr. Peter Hawkins

– What is coaching? 

– Why do we need coaching? 

– What are its benefits and strengths? 

– How is coaching similar to or different from mentoring? 

Find the answers to these questions and more in an hour of discussion with no less than IGSL’s coach to faculty, students and alumni, Dr. James Huculak.  A certified and experienced coach and trainer, Dr. Huculak has coached more than a hundred leaders from 15 countries for a decade now.

Tune in to the webinar on Tuesday, November 10 at 9:00PM Phil Time.  The event will be broadcast live thru IGSL’s Facebook Page (Asia.IGSL) and YouTube Channel (IGSL Asia)

Moreover, if you desire to be trained in this area for personal leadership growth, consider registering for the upcoming COACHING WORKSHOP FOR CHRISTIAN LEADERS.  Discounts are available to those who will sign up before Nov 13.  A special discount is also available for IGSL alumni.  you may email Sol Mendoza (smendoza@igsl.asia) for information or check this link for more details: