Qualifications for Students


A. Educational Attainment

    • For master’s degree programs – bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution

B. English Competency

    • Based on TOEFL/IELTS, or IGSL’s English Proficiency Test (EPT)

C. Maturity/Ministry Exposure

    • At least 24 years old

    • Has had at least two years of active ministry in evangelism, discipleship, and leadership

D. Spiritual and Emotional Maturity

    • Practicing healthy spiritual habits (Bible study, worship, etc.)

    • Satisfactory character references

E. Stewardship Mindset

    • Able to raise support needs

    • Able to steward responsibilities 

F. Clear Calling and Vision

G. PhilHealth Membership (for Filipino applicants only)

  • Women who apply for the PIM program must be married to an IGSL student, or a pastor or church/ministry leader.

  • Have completed a M.Div. or equivalent degree with a GPA of at least “B+” and have an adequate graduate-level academic background in biblical, theological, and ministerial studies to pursue doctoral work
  • Have been in active Christian leadership for at least 5 years after completing their master’s degree
  • Are in leadership of church planting work, a multi-staff church (or cluster of churches), a parachurch ministry, a regional/national ministry, or a denominational ministry
  • Meet other appropriate character, ministry, and academic standards, including English proficiency
    (Exceptions will be weighed carefully)


Visit the DMin in Transformational Leadership program section for more information.

  • Completion of an MDiv or the equivalent with a GPA of 1.5 (B+) from a seminary accredited by the Asia Theological Association (ATA), the Association for Theological Education in South East Asia (ATESEA), or a similar accrediting body. Transcript should demonstrate completion of the following:
  • Twelve (12) credit hours in graduate-level biblical studies;
  • Twelve (12) credit hours in graduate-level theological studies; Six (6) credit hours in graduate-level Hebrew and six (6) credit hours in graduate-level Greek. Students who have not completed these requirements in their previous coursework may receive offers of admission conditional upon the completion of supplemental coursework requirements.
  • A TOEFL score of at least 550 or the equivalent for all applicants whose first language is not English
  • At least 3 years of ministry experience


Visit the ThM/PhD in Theological Studies and Church History program section for more information.

PhD program – requires an MDiv degree; or an MA degree (or equivalent) with a minimum of graduate level course work in Bible and Theology (12 credits), education/practical ministry/leadership courses (12 credits) and research methods (6 credits). Participants fully admitted to the joint program who complete the first- and second-year courses and practicum work at a high level, may apply to the PhD program after the third-year block courses. Consideration will be given to the participant’s GPA (looking for A-), previous degree work, evidence of ministry skills, timely completion of course work, ministry gifting/competencies, and ministry goals.

All applicants must have at least four years of vocational ministry/work experience after their master’s degree, and meet other character, ministry, and academic standards appropriate to the program. Further, a grade point average for their masters of “B+” or above (3.3 on 1-4 scale, 4.0 high) and demonstrated English proficiency (TOEFL of 550 or IGSL English proficiency test score of 85) are required.

  • If an applicant’s masteral study or GPA do not meet admission standards, leveling courses may be required and/or admission under academic probation may be allowed.
  • Along with the standard application forms, applicants submit two papers: a) the biographical essay (personal ministry calling and motivation for pursuing the program) and b) the academic paper (a substantial academic paper of not less than 4,000 words written in English showing library research, thoughtful/critical analysis.) Further guidance for submitting these two papers is found in the application instructions downloadable with the application forms.


Visit the PhD in Peace Studies program section for more information.