Certificate Programs

The PIM certificate program aims to train wives of men in ministry to minister alongside their husbands. The program seeks to equip the students in the areas of biblical content, godly character, conviction, and competency in ministry.

This is accomplished through an integrated process:
• Encouragement in spiritual and personal growth
• Certificate-level academic instruction in sound biblical thinking
• Contextualized ministry training
• Small group mentoring and discipleship

FCL provides high quality theological training at a much shorter duration and much lighter requirements than what is offered in formal theological seminary training.

Three Major Emphases of the Training Modules
• Personal Growth and Leadership
• Biblical and Doctrinal Foundations
• Ministry Skills

The TESOL classes meet daily, Monday through Friday, for five weeks, giving the students an opportunity to be immersed in the principles and practice of creatively helping English learners succeed.
The final weeks of the course are a practicum field experience, putting the principles into action with English learners in nearby communities.