Alumni Team, Philippine Coordinator
  • ONWARD Alumni National Coordinator
  • Theology Department
  • Student Council Coordinator

Tim entered his tenure with IGSL last July 2022 and became a member of Christian International Ministries in the same year. He is currently the student council coordinator and is also the national coordinator for IGSL Alumni connections.

Tim is passionate in discipling young leaders to be effective ministers in the field. He is also dedicated in community-based events as he sees its importance in making the learning experience at IGSL more meaningful for the faculty, staff and students. He desires to journey with men who will potentially become full time ministers or gospel bearers in key sectors, mentoring them with not only the ideals of theology but with the practicality of ministry life.

Besides his teaching and mentoring at IGSL, he is also overseeing a youth and young pro group at a church in Fairview as he sees the importance of local church ministry along-side his teaching role at IGSL.

Tim grew up in a small town in Iligan City, Lanao del Norte. He and his wife Hannah, first met at IGSL, eventually found out that that they were born in the same city and the same hospital. They are joyfully married now for 5 years. They have a dog named Ziki. Tim loves to play basketball and badminton. In his free time he loves to edit videos for fun.