Presenting IGSL’s 40th Anniversary Devotional Booklet

“The God of Strength”

40 miraculous years…

40 true-life stories…

1 incomparable God, our God of Strength.

This devotional is a glimpse into the greater story of God’s faithfulness and strength given to the International Graduate School of Leadership (IGSL) throughout its 40-year history. It is our prayer that as you read these real-life experiences from 32 writers of our IGSL family: students, alumni, staff, and faculty, you will see the glorious STRENGTH of God. His great strength arises, fortifies, and shines beautifully in times of our weakness, fear, and hopelessness, even doubt. 

The God of Strength
A Devotional
IGSL 40th Anniversary Edition
Copyright © 2022 by International Graduate School of Leadership
Published in the Philippines by
International Graduate School of Leadership

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