• Theology Proper and Theological Anthropology
  • Christology and Soteriology
  • Bibliology and Prolegomena
  • Church History
  • Research and Writing Methods


  • ThM Theological Studies – Dallas Theological Seminary
  • BA in Biology – Baylor University

Reverend Craig Thompson is Director of Leadership Programs and Chair of Theological Studies Discipline at IGSL. He and his wife, Alyse, came to IGSL in 2014 through the help of their sending mission agency, TeachBeyond. Craig loves teaching Church History and Christian Theology and leads an Iron Sharpening Group (ISG).

He has been in ministry since 1997. Since then, Craig has led college ministries in two churches, has spoken at several missions conferences in Asia, Africa, and New Zealand, served on the missions committee, and has been the head of the Board of Deacons in his local church. He was ordained by Trinity Fellowship Church in May of 2004.

Craig was born and raised in Carrollton, Texas, where he met Alyse in Junior High. They have enjoyed the “dynamic adventure” of marriage since 1996. Craig enjoys basketball, reading, photography, and almost all forms of video media.

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