• Leadership Studies
  • Education Studies


  • MDiv in Leadership Studies – International Graduate School of Leadership 
  • BS in Computer Science – University of the Philippines, Cebu

Jezreel Kay, known to many as Awit (Psalm), joined IGSL as fulltime faculty together with her husband, John, in 2019. Both took their MDiv at IGSL and graduated with honors, John in 2007 and Awit in 2010. 

Awit has been involved in the ministry since her grade school days as Vacation Bible School teacher and choir member. In high school, she served as president of the local Christian youth fellowship in Borongan City. As a college student, she was equipped and served with CCC, later becoming a faculty adviser for the student movement in UP Tacloban and remained connected to the CCC community. 

After graduating from IGSL, she served full time in the ministry with John, planting churches and serving in Borongan City Evangelical Church. They discipled and equipped leaders within their church and in other local churches and reached out to neighboring towns in Eastern Samar. 

Awit believes that discipleship and evangelism should be the heartbeat of a Christian, especially Christian ministry leaders. Discipleship should start at home and expand to communities and must include instruction from the Word, loving confrontation and correction, exercise of spiritual gifts, transparency, and accountability. 

Awit and John are blessed with two children, Timothy and Trinity. Awit, like John, loves coffee and conversations over coffee. She enjoys homeschooling their kids and chatting with friends who are in the same life stage about shared challenges, as well as learning from more experienced homeschooling parents.  

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