Dear friends,    This year marks the 40th anniversary of IGSL since it opened in Baguio City on October 5, 1981. Themed “40-fied by God’s grace, for His glory”, IGSL’s ruby founding anniversary celebrates 40 years…

…of being sustained by God’s ever-sufficient grace in developing servant-steward leaders for the Great Commission;   

…of being strengthened by the Holy Spirit through life and ministry’s tough challenges;   

…and of being fully secure in His presence as we keep pursuing Him and engaging a world in need.   

We look forward to celebrating this milestone with you through a number of special events in the following months so please stay tuned for more details.   

For now, we are excited to share these testimonies with you of how God established, protected, and sustained IGSL (ISOT-Asia then) during its early years. 
Do you have a “40-fying” moment or story to share with the wider IGSL community? Stories of being sustained, strengthened, made secure in God’s presence as you walk with Him and take part in His mission? Send us an email: or video clip and let’s praise God together for His awesome deeds. 

Yours for the fulfillment of the Great Commission, 
Dr. Cris Uy
IGSL President