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  • BS in Bible (minor in Christian Education) – Columbia International University

Amy Barber is presently involved in the Partners in Ministry (PIM) certificate program, which aims to equip ministry wives in the areas of biblical content, godly character, conviction, and competence in ministry. She creates resources for PIM students and graduates for their families and ministries.

Since 1988, Amy has been a member of The Evangelical Alliance Mission (TEAM). She and her husband worked as church planters in Japan for 23 years. As part of this work, she taught craft classes, cooking classes, parenting classes, and Sunday school teacher training classes. She also homeschooled their children for nine years.

After leaving Japan, she and her husband both worked at Eastwest College of Intercultural Studies in New Zealand for three years where she was Ministry Coordinator. She also led a small group of women for discipleship, started a weekly meeting for wives, and was actively involved in mentoring single women individually. Besides these, she launched an annual re-entry conference for third culture kids (TCKs) returning to New Zealand for University.

Amy is from the United States, though she has spent more than half her life in Japan. She is married to Dr. Ron Barber, and they have three children, Natasha, Stephanie, Justin, and three grandchildren. She enjoys crafts, photography, drawing, reading, singing, teaching and mentoring, but most of all, she loves spending time with her family!

She created the website, Amy’s Free Ideas, which offers free resources for young wives to help them have better marriage relationships, be better equipped for parenting their children, and to provide ways of teaching their children about God. The website can be visited at

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