The leadership major of the Masters of Divinity degree offers an additional focus in equipping leaders for the unique challenges of leadership within the church and parachurch. It equips leaders to develop healthy ministries and mobilize followers of Christ to impact their spheres of influence in society. Leaders are equipped in areas of pastoral leadership and care, organizational change, leadership communication, and multiplying leaders.


The Master of Divinity in Biblical Studies develops proficiency and passion the original languages to prepare students for lifelong study and communication of God’s Word in the context of an MDiv degree that broadly prepares a student for holistic ministry. This degree contains six semesters of original languages and courses to deepen exegetical and hermeneutical ability, broaden awareness of issues in biblical interpretation, understanding of historical and cultural backgrounds of the Old and New Testaments, and skills for biblical research and effective communication. Target Audience: This program prepares students to be preaching pastors, Bible school teachers and leaders, Bible translators, and research capable of further academic study.
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Intercultural Studies major equips students with the understanding and skills for effective ministry in the varied cultural, socio-economic, and religious contexts throughout the world. ICS majors will be enabled to integrate biblical, theological, and inter-cultural disciplines in order to interpret and appreciate cultures, to address worldview transformation, to plant indigenous churches, and to initiate appropriate community development ministries. This missiological approach gives students the ability to approach contextualization of the Gospel and Scripture in a more comprehensive manner.


The Theology Major of the Master of Divinity equips leaders for uniquely Christian engagement (e.g. sermons, teaching, books, articles) with contemporary issues by grounding them in Scripture and Christian thought. This will enable church leaders, teachers, and missionaries to empower their local communities to bear faithful witness to the kingdom of God in their unique situation. Students will gain expertise in engaging Scripture wholistically, addressing contextual matters with theological discernment, and the wise appropriation of the Christian heritage.
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