The PIMEx curriculum is made up of 30 sessions based on the book Yes! I’m a Pastor’s Wife written by Leah Marasigan Darwin. Each lesson points to Jesus without preaching or classroom teaching, and emphasizes vision-casting. Facilitators call for learners to look beyond themselves and reach out to other pastors’ wives and women in their spheres of influence. Fun and creative activities are also provided to maximize learning and growth.

How It Works

Each ISG of pastors’ wives in the extension program will be led by a site coordinator who must be a PIM alumna. This is especially important during the first cycle of conducting the curriculum in any location. After some time, any pastor’s wife who has completed the PIMEx curriculum cycle; who has a heart for discipleship; and has been recommended by the site coordinator, can be trained and allowed to lead the program.

Every cycle of PIMEx can include a maximum of three PIM faculty visits or conferences, covering whatever the site coordinator and her team decide will be crucial for the pastors’ wives to hear. Ministry skills training is incorporated either in the ISGs or in one of the three conferences. On the last or third conference, participants who have attended all of the 30 ISG sessions and three conferences will be awarded certificates of completion.

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