NOTE: 300 level courses are aimed at PIM graduates, and are not generally credited toward the PIM certificate. They are optional opportunities for the eager learner. They are offered according to the availability of faculty. The following list represents the most frequently offered courses; however, this list is not exhaustive.

Choosing Life Trainer’s Training (PIM 302 – 1 credit) In this course, students learn about the sanctity of life, the development of the unborn child, and the effects of abortion. The course aims to motivate and prepare students to protect the unborn and care for women in crisis pregnancy situations. It is designed to equip PIM students to lead Choosing Life seminars in their home countries.

Making Disciples in an Asian Context (PIM 303 – 1 credit) In this course, the students are equipped to look in new ways at the culture in which they are ministering. And in that context to find ways to present the Gospel and make disciples in an effective way.

Help, I’m a Sunday School Teacher! (PIM 304 – 2 credits) This course seeks to help the student progress in her vision and skill in ministering to children, in her understanding of children’s age level needs, and in her skill to effectively teach the Word of God to children. Topics covered include the life of the teacher; creatively teaching Bible stories, memory verses, songs, and review games; discipline in the classroom; planning and maintaining a Sunday School program where kids want to be!

A Vision for Leaders of Children (PIM 314 – 2 credits) There has never been a time in history with so many children in need! This course gives leaders the vision and training they need to reach children and their families with the life-changing love of Christ. The 1for50 Movement model is introduced which seeks to give every child the opportunity to know and follow Jesus by training believers at the local level to share resources and work together to reach and disciple children.

Simply the Word (PIM 315 – 1 credit) This course will teach you the artful yet simple skill of telling the stories of God’s Word in such a way that your listeners discover its treasures for life transformation. This oral storytelling method impacts both the literate and illiterate, young and old, village or city dwellers, as God’s Word come alive in your midst. A great tool for any ministry setting, as well as to your own personal devotions.

Beautify Your World (PIM 116 – 1 credit). This one-day seminar is designed to help women present themselves confidently as Christ’s ambassadors by enhancing both their inward and outward beauty. Topics include good hygiene, simple makeup, your dress style and body shape, colors, and decorating your home and ministry venues.