Delighting in the Word (PIM 201 2 credits) This course is designed to help the students have a clearer understanding and deeper appreciation of the Word of God as a result of developing the skills of the inductive method of Bible Study: observation, interpretation, and application.

Getting to Know the New Testament (PIM 202 – 2 credits) This course seeks to give the student an interactive overview of the New Testament. It highlights anew the impact of life and ministry of Jesus Christ;  the birth, spread, and issues of the early church; major New Testament themes; and special insights into each book. Students are challenged to be passionate and effective Christ-followers in life and ministry, following the example of New Testament believers.

Biblical Womanhood (PIM 104 – 1 credit) This course examines the main Bible passages in which God describes a woman’s God-given value and God-purposed roles in her four spheres of influence: individual, family, church, and society. It addresses the various challenges facing women amidst changing global and cultural views on women. And students are encouraged to embrace their Biblical identity and calling, and to declare it to the next generation of Christian women as well.

Foundations of the Christian Faith (PIM 203 – 2 credits) This course surveys the major doctrines of the Christian faith concerning the Bible, God the Father, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, Man, Salvation, Angels, the Christian Life, and the End Times. The goal of this course is to help the student develop a strong doctrinal foundation so that she will be confidently equipped to apply these truths in her life and communicate them effectively to the people she ministers to.

Understanding the Church (PIM 205 – 2 credits) This course surveys Scripture to discover God’s design for His church, highlighting its purposes and essential functions. A variety of forms & structures used to accomplish its Biblical purpose are explored, and criteria for choosing contextualized forms and structures are examined. The process of change and the relationship of the church to para-church organizations are also discussed.

Christian Counseling I (PIM 206 – 2 credits) This course is an introduction to basic Christian counseling. It is designed to help women understand themselves better for the purpose of their own spiritual and emotional growth, as well as to help equip them for a counseling ministry to hurting people around them. It explores the scriptural basis for counseling, as well as some basic counseling skills and techniques. Reflective listening, asking the right questions, and developing a counseling procedure are taught and practiced.

Communication in Ministry (PIM 207 – 2 credits) This course examines basic principles of communication and practical steps for preparing to teach and speak publicly, with an emphasis on being used by God to see lives changed.  Principles and skills are applied as PIM students prepare and give talks in class.