Most ministry wives go through the PIM program on this track.  They take the required PIM courses for two years on Monday mornings and meet with their Iron Sharpening Groups (ISG), small mentoring groups led by a faculty member, on Monday afternoons. If they are at IGSL a third year, they can also take advantage of our third year optional classes, which are electives and not required for the PIM certificate.

PIM Curriculum (subject to minor changes)
(Enrichment Classes open to Degree Women*)

Year One:

  • Becoming Partners in Ministry*
  • God’s Heart, My Heart*
  • God’s Heart for the World
  • Walking with God Amidst Conflict*
  • Christian Motherhood*
  • Christian Marriage Seminar*
  • Reaching Your World
  • Getting to Know the Old Testament

Year Two:

  • Delighting in the Word
  • Getting to Know the New Testament
  • Biblical Womanhood*
  • Understanding the Church
  • Communication in Ministry*
  • Christian Counseling*
  • ​Foundations of the Christian Faith

Year Three (Optional classes not required for certificate):

  • Beautifying Your World Seminar
  • Choosing Life Trainers’ Training*
  • Making Disciples in an Asian Context
  • Help I’m a Sunday School Teacher!
  • A Vision for Leaders of Children: 1 for 50
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