PIM Basic English (PE 101 thru 106Each course is 2 credits) – Partners In Ministry (PIM) English courses are designed for student wives who come to IGSL with low English abilities. The objective of this year-long track is to help these students master basic communication skills in English so that they can interact socially and take part in regular PIM courses.

Becoming Partners in Ministry (aka “Help! I’m a Pastor’s Wife”) (PIM 101 2 credits) This course is designed to be a life-changing introduction to the two-year Partners in Ministry Certificate program.  It looks into the unique challenges and needs of the wife of a man in ministry and presents Biblical ways of responding to these challenges. Topics include dealing with expectations of people, understanding God’s call, her uniqueness, her priorities, her marriage, and responsibilities.

God’s Heart, My Heart (PIM 1021 credit) This course seeks to motivate and equip students to live supernatural lives for God’s glory. It addresses what it means to be a disciple, and helps the students grow in practicing the spiritual disciplines of prayer, Bible study, and obedience. Most importantly, it seeks to help the students grow in delighting in the Lord and sensing His delight in them.

God’s Heart for the World (PIM 120 – 1 credit) The goal of this course is to help the students understand God’s heart for reaching the whole world with the Gospel. The course surveys the progress that has been made so far in the fulfillment of the Great Commission, and what needs to be done to finish the task.

Christian Marriage Seminar (PIM 1071 credit) This course is a weekend seminar for the student and her husband. A team of faculty couples combines Biblical principles, personal life experience and practical “talk times” to encourage growth in marriage.  Topics include God’s design for marriage, roles, communication, resolving conflict, and intimacy.

Walking with God in the Midst of Conflict (PIM 2042 credit) This course seeks to help the student understand the roots of conflict in a person’s life.  It examines different expressions of anger and helps the student discover what repentance, reconciliation and forgiveness look like in light of Scripture.

Christian Motherhood (PIM 108 – 2 credits)  This course will help mothers understand and embrace motherhood as a high calling from God. Students are given practical and Biblical help in child nurture, discipline, and training for each stage of a child’s development. Each student will develop a unique blueprint designed to encourage the future growth of her children.

Reaching Your World (PIM 116 – 2 credits) In this course you will get a better grasp of what the Gospel is and explore different ways to share it in your context and culture. We will explore the process of winning a non-believer to Christ, building her in her relationship with Him and sending her to win-build-send others for Christ.

Getting to Know the Old Testament (PIM 103 – 2 credits) explores the big picture of the history, themes, and purpose of the Old Testament. Our study will set the stage for a deeper understanding of the Good News of the gospel in the coming of Christ.  Plan to be challenged and encouraged in your faith as you read through over half of the OT, engaging in thought-provoking and fun projects/assignments.