by Christine Faye Batalla

“I hate stories!” This is a statement rarely made. Stories are well accepted and appreciated by most, especially when they are clear, short, filled with adventure, and packed with at least one lesson. Stories appeal to people no matter what their age or educational attainment is. This is why it’s so easy to connect with others through sharing a simple story, even with strangers.

On February 15-18, 2015, FCL hosted a four whole-day Story Runners Seminar within the IGSL Campus facilitated by Panz and Nancy Alvarez. There was a total of 27 attendees, and 18 of them completed the four-day seminar.

The seminar used a variety of approaches in learning how to run with the stories. On top of the approach was learning the stories through listening, and then interacting with the stories. There were skits, demos, dramatizations, and discussions in big groups, small groups and even by pairs.

The participants were exposed to 13 Bible stories. Each participant accurately learned, memorized, and delivered at least 10 stories. They were taught how to start the story, transition from the story to having a short interaction about lessons learned, and move into sharing the gospel. They were taught how to craft the stories with accurate and important details. They were taught how to deliver these stories to be clearly understood and be easily passed on to others.

Certificates were given on the last day only if the participants went out with their teams to not just experience how to use what they have learned, but to share God’s Word and the free gift of salvation. The participants were required to share at least one story each to non-believers and get their contact numbers for follow-up. It was really an exciting and fruitful experience. There was a total of 132 people who listened to Bible stories, and, at the very least, 26 of them prayed to receive the Lord.

Here are what some of the participants said about the seminar:

The seminar was very transferrable, can be communicated with anyone, easy and understandable. I plan to use this with the young people, young professionals, and bible study groups in our church. I also plan to train them how to use this.              

Teodardo R. Medallo, Elder, Meadowood Christian Fellowship

I liked the simplicity of the concept and the flexibility of its application. I plan to use this as an evangelism tool for students, also for follow-up and maturity. This may also be used in Children Sunday School teaching.    

– PJ Ron Fortalleza, Youth Pastor, Marikina Christian Fellowship

The seminar was fun and casual. I enjoyed all the crafting, retelling, and going out to practice telling the story we just learned. I plan to pass this to the interested members of the church and maybe even to the other teachers.

– Ammie O. Bagain, Sunday School Teacher, Christ In You Christian Baptist Church

I like elements of the Bible story telling training, even the strategies in the way how we share it as an oral story. My plan is to lay down this story telling method to my core leaders and also to the youth in our church.                        

– Ian Vincent C. Garcia, Church Worker, Shekinah Christian Church, Nagtahan

I like the simplicity and transferability of the skills in crafting and telling Bible stories. I especially like the powerful impact of the simplicity of approach in telling God’s story. I plan to use it to train my whole congregation and use it as a pattern for sermon, cell group, and evangelism. Please pray for missions involvement using storytelling approach.          

– Bener M. Raymundo, Senior Pastor, CCBC – Sauyo.