By Ram

Sixteen pastors have completed all three modules of FCL training this year (2015). We conducted one module of training every year, and it took three years to complete all three modules of the curriculum. Fifty more pastors are taking the FCL training. Some of them have just began this year. This is why we plan to run this training in ongoing cycles so that whoever has just begun can complete the course.

Here are the comments of some FCL graduates:

“Emphasis on the disciple-making church is very strong, which is indeed relevant in our time.”

“We did not have to leave our ministry to be trained and equipped.”

“The curriculum is very systematic and sequential.”

“This training helped me catch the vision with assurance.”

“I was spiritually refueled through the FCL training.“

“My vision for our territory has expanded: to claim the society as a church of Christ.”

“We deeply understood our responsibility as the church of Christ towards our community.”

“FCL is helping me fulfill the call of God and also to go further with a clear vision.”

“FCL is helping me view the ministry with a wider perspective and make disciples for the ministry to go on and on.”

“We experienced a family learning environment in the FCL training.”

I personally want to express a deep appreciation towards the author and compiler of FCL curriculum. Thank you so much for making this timely training tool available. It had a deep impact on me. It changed my view of the church, and it helped me clarify the need of knowing my God-given vision and mission. This curriculum was prepared in such a beautiful way that as we went through each module, it unveiled a clear picture of the ministry that God has assigned to us. Amen!

pact in the lives of pastors and in their ministries.