By Jireh De Oca

FCL is expanding its influence, and many pastors and workers are benefiting from this training. It’s a great help for them personally and for their ministries. On December 2010, the FCL team went to Lucena to conduct training for pastors and lay leaders who were willing to invest their time and energy in the ministry. Many attendees expressed their thankfulness to God and to the FCL team for equipping them further and helping them prepare for the challenges of ministry.

Pastor Greg C. Manzano, a missionary pastor doing a pioneering ministry in Lucena said, “My expectations were met. This training is a great help in my ministry. The materials used will be of great help in my discipleship and small group ministries.”

Francis L. Constantino, pastor of Dalahican Christian Fellowship, expressed himself saying, “FCL has been a great help to me and my ministry for three reasons. First, we were able to raise leaders. One of them is now studying in a Bible school. Secondly, our worship service, Sunday school, and cell group ministries improved. Thirdly, there was an increase of attendance in our cell group and many decided to be baptized. Applying the lessons and insights learned from FCL training brought improvement in the leadership of our church.”

Noel M. Gutlay, pastor of Jesus the Light Ministry shared his testimony saying, “I have some questions with regards to my ministry and I’m glad they were answered during the training. My expectations were met even during the first day of the training. I was able to relay what I’ve learned from the FCL training and apply it in our church. We conducted training about how to mobilize small groups and as a result, small groups were organized in our outreaches.”

Erosto S. Gisalan of Lucena Baptist Church said, “FCL training is a great blessing for me. The knowledge and wisdom I gained is immeasurable. This training has equipped me to help a “dying” church in Mayao. As a result of applying what I’ve learned from the training, this church is on fire for the Lord again. Because of this experience, I challenged our church and recommended FCL training as part of our School of Elders curriculum. Hopefully our satellite churches will benefit from this training as well. I am confident that God will use this training to encourage church leaders for excellent service and servanthood.”

Most of the pastors and workers, if not all who joined FCL training, acknowledged their need for further training, and they were filled with joy for FCL was used by God to help them. They are thankful because their expectations were met. They were refreshed and encouraged to face the challenges of the ministries ahead of them. They appreciated the training because of the lively atmosphere. They were encouraged to participate. The time for sharing and discussion of ministry experiences was valued greatly. Through the testimonies and feedback from attendees, we are humbled, encouraged, and affirmed that FCL is being used by God to make an impact in the lives of pastors and in their ministries.