MC2 is an 80-hour training in four phases. Each phase is 20 hours of learning. The curriculum can be taught in three-day seminars, one day a week over three weeks (e.g. three Saturdays), or evening sessions spread over a longer period of time with breaks for application.

  1. WIN – Initiate a movement in a target areaa. Pray – seek God’s wisdom for target area; mobilize concerted prayerb. Find Man/Woman of Peace c. Pray, Care, Share; personal story; group evangelism d. Use other tools and strategies e. Follow up in cell/small groups
  2. Build – churches and fellowships with GC2 DNAa. Gather cells for worshipb. Obedience-based Bible Study c. 4Ws – Welcome, Worship, Word, Works d. Train members to do PCS e. Practice Ordinances
  3. Send – reproduce new leadersa. Select – pray, give clear challenge to step upb. Deepen – give them responsibilities, focus on Spirit-filled character c. Mentor – intentionally develop them through discipleship d. Train and send – help them find people of peace; start groups in new area
  4. Multiply – repeat processa. Overcome spiritual attacksb. Help new leaders form new churches c. Deepen mentoring in next generation leaders d. Bring new leaders to next batch of MC2 Training e. Build multiplying church movement