Cultivating God’s Shalom in the Aftermath of the Easter Terrorist Attacks in Sri Lanka

The IGSL Peace Studies program seeks to help people build, make, and sustain God’s peace. After the Easter terrorist attacks in Colombo, Sri Lanka this year, two participants of the IGSL Peace Studies have been active in preparing their communities to respond in a healing way. One of them is Dr. Mano Emmanuel, the first PhD graduate of the Peace Studies program and Academic Dean of Colombo Theological Seminary (CTS), who has been part of the following efforts:

In the midst of the pain and shock, some steps toward healing have been made. It was indeed helpful to have in place learned and engaged agents of God’s Shalom who aware of what the proper responses are. 

Dr. Mano Emmanuel graduated in 2017 with a dissertation on Understanding Reconciliation in the Honor-Shame Context of Sri Lanka.