Restoring Hearts Renewing Faith: The Ministry of Counseling in the Church

Calling church & ministry leaders! Join us in exploring the powerful connection between faith and mental health.  Date: November 13-14 (Mon-Tue) | 9AM-4PM Venue: International Graduate School of Leadership Registration Link: Registration Fee: P200 (kindly pay the fee on-site) In this seminar, you’ll gain:– A deep understanding of theology and counseling.– The ability to provide compassion.– The knowledge […]

Building Next Generation Leaders for Transformation

Dear friends,  We praise God for opening doors for the expansion of His Kingdom! The Squad Weekly Interactive Meeting (S.W.I.M.), a values transformation program at the Philippine National Police Academy (PNPA), was launched on September 27.  In an exciting turn of events, the invited high-profile main speaker was not able to attend, so IGSL President […]

Essentials for Engaging Muslims

IGSL is pleased to offer this seminar on Essentials for Engaging Muslims. Dr. Mark brings considerable expertise as well as a heart of deep compassion to the task of making disciples in the Muslim world. IGSL students who attended his seminar in 2019 found it life-changing. Register now

Fruit Full: Abiding in Christ and Loving Others for God’s Glory

Dear friends, After three years of holding graduations online, this year we were finally able to gather in person to celebrate the achievements of 28 graduates representing 7 countries, accomplishing 7 programs from Certificate Programs to Doctor of Philosophy. God is so faithful for carrying us through the tough years of the pandemic and allowing […]


Dear friends,  Over the years, we at IGSL have been blessed to partner with you in the ministry of building leaders for transformation. Through your prayers and financial support, Christian leaders have been equipped to share the gospel and serve in various contexts in Asia and worldwide.   But did you know that there are other […]

Taking Resilience into Heart

The past few years have been filled with challenges and transitions, which might have been overwhelming for all of us. As leaders, we have risen to the occasion while taking care of ourselves and our families. Much has been lost, a lot of new things have been welcomed, and more changes are yet to come. […]

Coast Connections

Dear friends,  IGSL recognizes the blessings of the Philippines being its host country. That is why it is important to equip leaders who could contribute toward nation-building and freedom-keeping of the Philippines.  The Philippines, being an archipelago, is made up of more than 7,000 islands, with the world’s fourth longest coastline and more than 250,000 square kilometers […]


Dear friends,  In building leaders for transformation, IGSL is committed to delivering holistic education, equipping Christian leaders in various leadership aspects through classes, field ministry, life-on-life mentoring, and even community life inside the IGSL campus.  We also have conferences and modules that address specific areas of a leader’s life. As students grow in these areas, the […]

Ministry Week 2022

Dear friends,  Praise God! Ministry Week is back this year.  We are so grateful for the opportunity to partner with local churches again to provide evangelism, discipleship, and leadership training. It is a blessing to be able to serve in person in teams composed of students, staff, and faculty who went to different areas in […]

Seek my Face

Dear friends,  As we enter the fourth quarter of the year, what thoughts or concerns immediately come to mind? Do you look forward to this time of the year or are you hesitant to enter this season? Whatever we may be feeling right now, God’s invitation to seek Him still stands. Such is the heart […]

Peacebuilding in Lebanon

Dear friends,  A new school year has started and the IGSL campus is once again abuzz with activity: his and hellos ringing in the hallways; the school bell signaling break time or the start of another class; feet shuffling as people line up in the canteen; students, staff, and faculty singing and praying together during […]

Midyear Updates and Prayer Request

Dear friends,  “Faithful is He who calls you, and He also will bring it to pass.” (1 Thess. 5:24, NASB) Our almighty and faithful God has done amazing things and we couldn’t help but declare His greatness! He continues to work through His people who humbly submit to Him and do His will. And it […]


Dear friends,  On the final stretch of another school year, we give praises and thanks to the Lord! By God’s grace and for His glory, we have been equipping Christian leaders for His mission field in Asia and beyond for 40 years and counting. Challenges and changes may come, like the pandemic and turnover of […]


Dear friends,  As part of the IGSL community, we all share a passion for helping expand God’s kingdom and seeing lives, families, communities, and nations transformed. And soon this community that has been in diaspora since 2020 will be together again! We are just imagining our beautiful campus full of life again, great talks with […]

Anniversary Highlights and Resources

ANNIVERSARY HIGHLIGHTS AND RESOURCES Dear friends,  We come to the second quarter of 2022 rejoicing through the past months of remembering.  What a joy to celebrate God’s faithfulness for 40 years with the IGSL community locally and globally.  Praise God for every one of you—students, staff, faculty, alumni, ministry partners, board members—whom the Lord has […]


Dear friends,  How has your January been? Amid the Omicron surge, getting back to our daily routine after the Christmas break, and praying for the upcoming elections, how have you experienced God’s presence and blessings? What are the things you are entrusting to Him in 2022?   Here at IGSL, a number of our faculty and […]

The Coaching Workshop for Christian Leaders

 Learn powerful leadership skills for solving problems, reaching goals, and developing others. Offered in two settings : Online and Face to Face The participants will choose upon registration which setting they prefer: (6 Zoom sessions, 6:30 – 10:00PM Manila Time [ April 11, 13, 18, 20, 25, & 27, 2023 ] LIFE-TRANSFORMING SKILLS The Coaching […]


IGSL’s 40th Anniversary Committee is excited to present to our IGSL family this opportunity to encourage one another, and our IGSL friends, in producing this devotional booklet, entitled THE GOD OF STRENGTH. We are looking for writers among us who will share an experience of how God displayed His strength in their lives. Each 300-word […]

The Gift of Encouragement

Dear friends,  This thanksgiving season our hearts are filled with gratitude and joy as we recall the many ways that God has blessed IGSL this year and throughout its 40-year existence. We are able to continue equipping leaders for the Great Commission thanks to your prayers and financial support. You are truly partners with us […]

IGSL 40-fied

Dear friends,    This year marks the 40th anniversary of IGSL since it opened in Baguio City on October 5, 1981. Themed “40-fied by God’s grace, for His glory”, IGSL’s ruby founding anniversary celebrates 40 years… …of being sustained by God’s ever-sufficient grace in developing servant-steward leaders for the Great Commission;    …of being strengthened […]

Second Generation IGSL Students

This year we are so pleased to have four children and one nephew of alumni join IGSL as freshmen, the biggest number of second generation students in a batch so far. Dear friends, A few weeks from now, we will be welcoming a new batch of students. And as preparations for a new school year […]


Dear friends,  On May 29, 2021, we celebrated our 35th Commencement Exercises online. It was a joyous occasion indeed, especially for the graduates and their families. Having many of you witness the culmination of their IGSL training made the day more meaningful because you have played a significant role their equipping as leaders. Together, we have launched 56 […]


Dear friends, Thank you for faithfully coming alongside IGSL for another school year, especially through prayers. This month, we would like to intercede for our brothers and sisters in India. As we read their stories, may we let the Holy Spirit guide us in praying for our students, alumni, and fellow Christian leaders who are […]


“Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” -1 Thessalonians  A year after the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic in our country, what are the things that we can be truly grateful for? Despite the many challenges we have faced as well as new ones arising, we at IGSL remember God’s faithfulness and count […]

Welcoming the New IGSL President

March 1, 2021  Dear friends,   A few days from now, it will have been a year since the IGSL campus had been placed under preemptive quarantine to protect the students, staff, and faculty from the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus. A week later, Metro Manila was placed on lockdown and our lives haven’t been the […]

Serving in Challenging Times

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought about so much change. From how we manage our personal routines to how we work or study to how leaders run companies, cities, and countries. And Christian leaders, who used to constantly meet people in small groups or big gatherings, have struggled to keep connections strong during the pandemic. Leading […]

When God’s Curriculum Takes A Dramatic Turn

Dear friends, Since May, I have been asking you to pray with us as we worked to send our students back to their respective countries and regions. Praise God, the last family reached their home country just a few days ago! Thank you so much for persevering with us through your prayers, encouragement and generosity. […]


Hello, IGSL Alumni!Here’s what you need to know about the audit courses for the First Semester of AY 2020-2021, designed just for you! (1) There are limited slots per course (see each course details in the registration link), but there is NO LIMIT as to the number of courses you may take, as long as […]

Metamorphosis: The Growth of a Creative

Metamorphosis: The Growth of a Creative Alumni Feature: Glenda Resurreccion(MA in Transformational Teaching and Learning, 2016) But behind this creative project that touched and launched a transformation in the lives of many is Glenda’s own metamorphosis, a journey of change, healing, growth.  Personal Transformation At 14, Glenda was into occultic meditative practices. Then a friend […]

IGSL Online: Broader Reach, Deeper Impact

Another first in history is happening in a week- IGSL is welcoming the new academic year fully online! So many familiar sights and sounds will be missed as this new school year starts. For faculty and continuing students, it’s hard to imagine IGSL classes without the homey campus, the clean and comfortable classrooms in the […]

The God of Valleys and Mountains

These past four months our school has gone through different journeys into the unknown. We are continually facing different valleys because of the pandemic, sending our students home, keeping our school afloat, struggling with budget concerns, etc. With the valleys also came mountaintop experiences that only God could orchestrate. In all this, we have come to know more deeply the God of […]

COVID -19: A Game Changer

In God’s arena, losses pave the way for boundless gain. Despite the current situation, we look forward with excitement and hope to the upcoming academic year 2020-2021. Our mission and vision remain the same! But our understanding of that mission and vision is now being pruned for deeper growth and commitment. And we are geared […]


 May 30, 2020 marked the first virtual graduation program of IGSL as 74 students attended their commencement ceremonies while sitting in front of their computer screens. Some were still in their dorm rooms on campus, others were in their own homes, and others were in quarantine facilities around Asia. It was a day of mixed […]

Hope in Times of Calamity and Disease

The year 2020 started in agitation and fear as the Taal volcano spewed ashes on January 12, affecting the surrounding towns in southern Luzon, as well as Metro Manila, and even some areas of Central Luzon. Then, the Coronavirus which started in China was declared a global health emergency by the World Health Organization on […]

Costa, Sujeema

TEACHING AREAS Biblical Studies Leadership New Testament Greek EDUCATION ThM in New Testament Studies – Talbot School of Theology, Biola University MDiv in Exposition and Teaching – International School of Theology-Asia BS Industrial Engineering – Central Colleges of the Philippines. Rev. Eric S. Agustin is currently serving as Director of Leader Impact. He has been […]

Chan, Beth

TEACHING AREAS Spiritual Formation Biblical Preaching and Teaching Leadership Studies Church Worship Ministry Christian Marriage and Singleness EDUCATION Doctor of Ministry in Heart, Mind, and Soul (Preaching to the Heart, Renewing the Mind, Caring for the Soul) – Talbot School of Theology (Ongoing) Master of Divinity – International Graduate School of Leadership BS Mathematics – […]

Barber, Amy

TEACHING AREAS Biblical Studies Leadership New Testament Greek EDUCATION ThM in New Testament Studies – Talbot School of Theology, Biola University MDiv in Exposition and Teaching – International School of Theology-Asia BS Industrial Engineering – Central Colleges of the Philippines. Amy Barber is currently serving as Director of Leader Impact. He has been a Philippine […]

Agustin, Michelle

TEACHING AREAS Biblical Studies Leadership New Testament Greek EDUCATION ThM in New Testament Studies – Talbot School of Theology, Biola University MDiv in Exposition and Teaching – International School of Theology-Asia BS Industrial Engineering – Central Colleges of the Philippines. Michelle Agustin is currently serving as Director of Leader Impact. He has been a Philippine […]

Asia Peace Conference

For Local Deposit: Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) Branch: Congressional Branch Account Name: Int’l. Graduate School of Leadership, Inc. Peso Account Number: 1951-0008-21 For USS Fund/Wire Transfer: Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) Branch: Congressional Branch Account Name: Int’1. Graduate School of Leadership, Inc. US$ Account Number: 1954-0155-79 Swift Code: BOPIPHMM Address: Ground Flr. […]