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Hope in Times of  Calamity and Disease  

Taal reliefThe year 2020 started in agitation and fear as the Taal volcano spewed ashes on January 12, affecting the surrounding towns in southern Luzon, as well as Metro Manila, and even some areas of Central Luzon. Then, the Coronavirus which started in China was declared a global health emergency by the World Health Organization on January 31. These events brought us to our knees, allowing the whole nation, leaders of different sectors and common people alike, to pray for protection and peace. Continue Reading


Recovering a 20/20 Vision for God’s Kingdom  

January headerOne of the greatest joys we experience in IGSL is seeing God’s work in the lives of our students and alumni—how they are captured by the Lord’s heart and vision for the lost and how this changes their lives and ministries. Through their class Building Disciples in a Movement Context, a young first-year couple realized the urgency of the gospel, gained a deeper understanding of Jesus’ call to make disciples and the need to share this with their church family. Continue Reading

Celebrating the Best Gift Ever: Jesus Christ 

unnamedThis Christmas season, we are especially grateful for the opportunity to have shared the Good News and equip believers during the Ministry Week in November. Nineteen teams composed of 151 IGSL students, employees, and faculty were sent to 19 different locations in Luzon. Continue Reading


IGSL Singles Conference: Half or Whole 

3ec23233-8782-41fd-89e4-98ff3978fc88IGSL has always had a much-appreciated weekend marriage conference for our married students. The singles felt left out and the Asian culture only added to their sense of being marginalized. This year, however, we saw the need for a weekend Singles’ Conference. God gave Steve Hobson, chair of the leadership department, a burden to “make it happen.” Continue Reading

Upholding Christ’s Righteousness in the House of Representatives


The most congested city in developing Asia. The sixth most corrupt country in the world. National dengue epidemic. Resurgence of polio. Controversial war on drugs. Yearly increasing national debt. Moral breakdown. Fastest growing HIV epidemic in Asia and the Pacific. Separated families. Brain drain. These are some of the issues that our country, the Philippines, is facing. Continue Reading

Healing Through Humility banner

Healing Through Humility: A Reflection

Weeks before the IGSL Spiritual Retreat, I’ve been struggling with my relational behavior. I wasn’t paying much attention to it until early this year when I intentionally asked God to transform me into a better version of myself. Continue Reading

Service That Makes a Difference 

Service that makes a difference

Manila, July 11, 2019. Lieutenant Colonel John Paul Baldomar, an IGSL graduate of the MA in Transformational Leadership program in 2014, has been qualified as one of the 18 finalists in this year’s Metrobank Foundation Outstanding Filipinos, a career-service award that recognizes exemplary Filipino teachers, soldiers, and police officers who are “active agent(s) of positive change and influence in their communities.”  Continue Reading

Cultivating God’s Shalom in the Aftermath of the Easter Terrorist Attacks in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka TerrorIn the midst of Sri Lanka’s reeling from what appears to be well-coordinated terrorist attacks in Colombo and elsewhere, two participants of the IGSL Peace Studies PhD program have been active in preparing their communities to respond in a healing way. One of them, Dr. Mano Emmanuel, Dean of Colombo Theological Seminary (CTS), shared this report just after the attacks: Continue Reading


Pursuing God’s Dream for All Nations

Graduation 2019On April 6, 2019, IGSL commissioned 59 graduates who will be serving strategically in the church, government, education, business, and cross-cultural missions in 10 countries in South and Southeast Asia. These graduates joined 1,210 IGSL alumni serving and leading in more than 40 countries around the world.Continue Reading




Rebellious Lives Redeemed

Rebellious Lives RedeemedRebellious and disrespectful—this is how I would describe the 40 ninth graders of Silang class in San Bartolome High School. I felt like giving up until I realized my wrong assumptions. From our first meetings, I already noticed their disrespectful behavior. Most of them weren’t interested in our values class, and my hope for them was waning. Read More


Set free from the devastating struggle with pornography

Pornography is one of the most devastating things wreaking havoc in people’s lives. Sadly, Christians are also consuming or even addicted to it. Eight to nine years old is the average age of exposure to internet porn. These are some of the enlightening facts that Dr. Josh McDowell shared in his talk, “Set Free: How to Help Your People Understand and Overcome the Devastating Struggle with Pornography.” Read More