“It takes a village to raise a child.” – African Proverb

You must have read or heard this African proverb that it takes a village to raise a child. Somehow, this is also true in student and school environments too.

A village is a community of “people that includes parents, siblings, extended family members, neighbors, teachers, professionals, community members and policy makers who provides a safe, healthy environment for children, where children are given the security they need to develop and flourish, and to be able to realize their hopes and dreams.” (taken from Reupert A, Straussner SL, Weimand B, Maybery D)

In IGSL, we foster this kind of environment for our students to reach their full potential. The relational learning environment, along with the small group program of IGSL promotes a loving and supportive community for our students.

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Credit: Reupert A, Straussner SL, Weimand B, Maybery D. It Takes a Village to Raise a Child: Understanding and Expanding the Concept of the “Village”. Front Public Health. 2022 Mar 11;10:756066. doi: 10.3389/fpubh.2022.756066. PMID: 35372232; PMCID: PMC8964422.