Leading During a Crisis: Keep Principles in Discipleship

n less than a year, the world was changed right before our eyes. The global pandemic dramatically affected all sectors of society. Aside from the glaring threat to public health, its economic and social impact continue to threaten the welfare of countless people worldwide. Today is a challenging yet favorable time for church leaders. People […]


– Aug 11 (9:00PM PST) Every day, we adapt to our fast-changing world shaped by uncertainties. With so much information available online, what options are there for the hungry and seeking? Now, more than ever, people seek solutions and yearn for the truth. People are longing for comfort, peace of mind, and assurance. They are […]

An Introduction to StoryRunners

Thursday, July 16, 9 pm (Philippine Time) Currently, approximately two-thirds of the world’s population are oral preference learners, which means that they prefer and rely on learning through spoken communication instead of reading. With this in mind, how does one go about bringing the gospel message to this population in a meaningful way? StoryRunners is […]

Exploring the Challenges of Digital Ministry

JOIN US TONIGHT JULY 14, AT 9PM FOR THIS VERY TIMELY WEBINAR ENTITLED:”From Baby Steps to Best Practices. Exploring the Challenges of Digital Ministry. https://www.facebook.com/Asia.IGSL/videos/2720581431600982/ “We are now in the so-called new normal. Doing things via digital means has become a standard operating procedure for most organizations, especially churches. How do we navigate this new […]


 The world today is more globalized and full of challenges that test a leader’s ability to relate and work well with others. In this constantly changing landscape, leaders must negotiate. We negotiate every day – in our homes, in our marriages, in our families, with neighbors, and at the workplace. In many respects, negotiation is […]


Dmin in Tranformational Leadership Course Overview Discipleship is both a central theological theme in the Gospel of Mark and an ever-growing need of the global Church in these unprecedented and uncharted times. Thus, we need to ask this question, “How can we become faithful followers of Jesus in the midst of suffering and pain?” The […]