(For all doctoral program applicants, please proceed to PhD in Peace Studies or DMin in Transformational Leadership Admission Requirements.)

Because IGSL desires to build leaders for transformation, applicants are approved on the basis of academic ability, spiritual character, and leadership potential. Moreover, on account of the physical and time demands that students will face while studying at IGSL, each applicant must pass a physical/medical examination. If married, the applicant must show that his or her spouse agrees with the applicant’s plans for further training.

All applicants to the master’s program must complete the following admission requirements:[Note: these forms are to be filled out online thru http://admissiontest.igsl.asia/igsl/registration ]

  1. The Application Form completed and signed including a recent 5 cm x 5 cm (2 in x 2 in) photograph. A close-up of head and shoulders is preferred.
  2. Bachelors’ degree official Transcript of Academic Records (marks sheet) and diploma/certificateThe academic requirement for admission to one of the master’s programs is a Bachelor of Science or Arts degree or its equivalent with a 2.5 grade point average or better (on a 1-4 scale, 4.0 high). Exceptions are weighed carefully.


Filipino applicants must provide original and photocopies of their official transcripts of records and diplomas. All transcripts submitted must include all subjects taken and their corresponding grades or marks, as well as the school’s grading system.

International applicants should submit  scanned copies of their transcripts and diplomas along with a translation of any transcript or marks sheet not written in English. If they are accepted to study at IGSL they must bring the original copies of their transcripts and diplomas.

  1. Biographical Questionnaire
  2. Spiritual Life Essay
  3. Confidential Information Questionnaire
  4. Read Statement of Faith (with explanation for any “No” answer)
  5. Medical Forms completed. Include forms for your spouse and children, if married.

Note: For international applicants, include medical history only. You will submit your medical examination and laboratory test reports after the evaluation of your application. For Filipino applicants, submit last six (6) months of Phil Health receipts. For international and Filipino applicants, bring the photocopy of your child/children’s vaccination record.

  1. Proof of Financial Support forms from each individual or organization supplying the applicant’s financial needs
  2. For current Campus Crusade for Christ Staff: CCC Staff Agreement Form signed by the applicant, the National team leader, and Area team  leader. For former CCC staff: Provide recommendation letters from their former CCC directors or immediate supervisors (i.e., those whom you worked closely with).
  3. For international applicants who are already in the Philippines: scanned copy of 9(g) Visa stamped on passport and I-card
  4. For Filipino applicants: Birth certificate stamped by NSO/Census
  5. For married applicants: Marriage certificate
  6. For married or engaged applicants: Fill-up Spouse’s Biographical Information form. International and Filipino students’ wives must also submit a scanned copy of their transcript of records or summary of marks on either high school or college/university level.
  7. For International applicants: If you plan to enroll your child/children to Dynamic Learning Center (DLC), a homeschool program within IGSL campus for children of international students, please bring the original transcript or academic records (with english translation) of your children who are continuing their education in the Philippines.
  8. A minimum of four (4) Reference Forms for referees, including one person from each category below
    • Pastor or ministry leader of home church
    • A pastor or ministry leader outside of home church/denomination
    • Close Christian friend
    • Most recent employer or immediate supervisor (whether ministry or secular)

Except for reference (a), select individuals who know you well enough (i.e. at least two years) to effectively answer the questions on the reference forms and who will email the required forms without delay.  Do not use a relative as a reference unless he/she is the current pastor or ministry leader of your church, or is an IGSL graduate.

Before emailing the forms to your references, be sure to complete the top portion of each form. Enter your name; check the box that corresponds to the program for which you are applying; then sign and date the waiver option if you agree with it.  Your references should email the filled out forms directly to the Office of Admissions at IGSL. Please do not forget to include the email address of each of your references in the References section of the online application. The Office of Admissions will send the forms directly to your references. If you cannot provide a person in one or more of the required categories, contact the Office of Admissions for instructions on how to secure substitute references.

All non-native English speakers are required to pass the English Proficiency Test (see Table 1) administered by IGSL, unless they have passed the TOEFL (see Table 2) or IELTS exam (see Table 3) or have completed a master’s degree with English as medium of instruction.

Table 1 EPT Passing Scores

Overall Passing Score
Minimum Score for Each Section

Table 2 TOEFL Passing Scores

Paper-based Score

Table 3 IELTS Passing Scores

Overall Band Score
Minimum Score for Each Band

Once an application has been received, the applicant will be notified regarding the date and place of the EPT and the date of a personal interview.

Basic Course Fees and Expenses

Before you are accepted into any of the master’s programs, you must demonstrate full sponsorship covering expected expenses.

Tuition, textbooks, academic materials, general, and special events fees: USD2308 per year* For Academic Year 2020-2021, the updated cost is Php 2035 per course credit plus other fees like library fee, field ministry experience, general fee, internet, etc.

On-campus housing: This depends on the size of the dorm. A typical two-bedroom dorm is US$121 per month plus approximately US$33/month for singles or US$59/month for families to cover utilities.

Food allowance: Approximately US$105 per adult/month plus US$24 per child/month

Living allowance: US$65 per person per month

Visa: US$240 per person per year

If you have any questions concerning application information, general guidelines, and admission requirements, please email Admissions at onlineadmissions@igsl.asia. Or if you are in the Philippines, you may call the Office of Admissions (Ms. Grace Ordiz) at 984-1210, 984-1211, 984-1217.