Dr. Tom Roxas, President Emeritus

Today I’d like to start with something that is very close to my heart that I want for us to practice. And this has been the story of my life – the story of praise. I remember as a seminary student overwhelmed with academic load, concerns about relationships and finances, and all kinds of emotional turmoil, a very powerful thing that I discovered is the exercise of praising God.

I was feeling so low at that time, getting depressed as some of you are probably experiencing – weary with academic life and ministry that you really can’t think of anything to thank and praise God for. I remember shutting the door of my dorm room and reading the Psalms back to God, praising Him for who He is, focusing my eyes on Him and not on the difficult things I was experiencing. All of a sudden my heart was lifted up and I began to experience a different kind of refreshment that only God could do.

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Here are seven reasons I listed based on my own experience why we need to praise the Lord:

You and I are meant to praise God! Maybe a miracle is about to happen and is just waiting for you to practice praising God for who He is!