They are officially freshmen no more! Incoming second year students have recently finished their Team Leadership Practicum (TLP) which ran from April 8 to May 1. Six teams served with local churches in Pampanga, Marikina City, Batangas, Valenzuela City, La Union, and Zambales.

For three weeks, the students learned Christ-like team leadership skills including team building, decision making, and conflict resolution. Like all other ministry opportunities in IGSL, the TLP has God-focused, ministry-focused, and team-focused aspects. Hear from the students themselves about their TLP experience.

Focused Faith

Our team spent a day with the Lord in a beautiful camp near Mt. Pinatubo after a week of ministry. We spent time in solitude and reflection on God’s Word. During this time, a group of teenagers came. Although our team members were sitting far from one another, we all felt prompted to share the gospel with this group. So we did. As we debriefed after, everyone shared about struggling with how to have a strong faith and bear fruit. When those teenagers came, we all saw a God-given opportunity to put His word into practice right away. Through this experience, God renewed His promises in my heart and encouraged me not to lose hope. –Ritma Akram (Porac, Zambales)


The aetas are one of the indigenous people groups in the Philippines. They usually do not have a permanent home since they move from place to place to provide for their daily needs. Most aetas have low self-esteem because they believe that they are low class citizens and have no place in society. We’re grateful for the opportunity to be bridge builders toward these precious people, making a way for them to encounter Christ through the gospel. From the funds we raised, we shared food, clothing, and solar lamps, an important item for them since there is no electricity in their place. We saw joy light up their faces as they prayed to receive and follow Jesus as their Lord and Savior.  –Pol Galang (Floridablanca, Pampanga)

Serving Together

In knowing one another’s strengths and weaknesses, our team learned to be flexible and work well together. Each team member truly contributed to one another’s learning, discovery, and growth—Daw’s personal and persistent devotion, Zorel’s passion for worship, kuya Osut’s faith and passion for the lost, kuya Phuc’s servant heart, kuya Mickey’s perseverance in reaching out, and Marvin’s adaptability and courage. I’m glad that God brought us to a place of understanding—encouraging one another in our weaknesses and building up one another in our strengths—so that we were able to lead well and grow together. –Abigail Bañez (Santol, La Union)