Dr. Kumar Aryal, IGSL Faculty

1 Peter 2:17

Relationship is one the key things here in IGSL. Our community is built on relationships. And respect lays the foundation in building relationships, especially in a multicultural community like ours. There are three simple things and gestures that we do on a regular basis here at IGSL. We greet each other, and we say “yes” and “no”. But as you may have noticed, we do these three very basic things differently.

IGSL is a community where we celebrate our cultures, backgrounds, families, diversities, and differences. Different is not wrong. Different is just different. Being different is not wrong because God designed us to be different. If we could only properly recognize our differences, we would really appreciate them as an  asset.

In the midst of diversity, can we build lasting relationships? I think  we definitely can! Allow me to share with you four ways we can build lasting relationships with one another while at IGSL.

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Watch Respect: The Foundation For Relationships that L.A.S.T. on youtube.

L– Love one another. We love one another because God first loved us. How can we not love the people whom God loves? God loves us so much; this  is why we love others as well. In the context of IGSL, we love one another by encouraging each other, celebrating our victories, coming together to mourn when there is sorrow, complimenting one other sincerely, being respectful of others’ belongings, giving thanks to God for one another. How often do we give thanks to God for each other?

A– Accept one another. How do we accept one another? We can be kind and compassionate to one another. We can stop passing judgment on  one another, gossiping, and slandering as well. It may be hard to accept one another because of our differences. But if we look at each other as God’s children and realize that we are a  family, this will help us accept one another.

S– Serve one another. How do we serve one another? We serve through love. Love helps a lot in all these things. Count others as more significant than yourself. In the context of IGSL, we should do things without being reminded. We should always do our  share when we work together. We need to respect our friends when they need space and rest. Remember that Jesus did not come to be served, but to serve. Let us serve one another.

T– Trust one another. Walk an honorable lifestyle. Forgive as God forgave you; make allowance for one another’s faults. I encourage each one of us to get to know others better in our community. This will  help to build trust. If we know each other’s families, backgrounds, and cultures, this will help us all to trust one another more. Let’s be open as well. It’s not easy, but you can begin with your small group or ISG. How do we do that the IGSL way? We walk our talk, forgive genuinely, be considerate, listen more, and intentionally care for people.

How do we build LASTing relationships at IGSL? We LOVE, ACCEPT, SERVE, AND TRUST one another.