As leaders and ministers, pastors and missionaries, teachers and businessmen who want to influence the world with God’s love and power, we don’t deny the importance of prayer. But sometimes we don’t know how we can grow in our personal prayer lives, lead others in meaningful prayer or reflect with our time and priorities the crucial nature of prayer in our own walk with God and in the fruitfulness of our ministries.

As part of the holistic training we offer at IGSL, the prayer movement team seeks to offer opportunities for students to grow in prayer personally and to be equipped in leading prayer initiatives that will prepare them to lead praying communities in their home contexts.

The prayer movement invites involvement by all students, staff and faculty and offers the following regular prayer opportunities to the IGSL community.

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Weekly Prayer Times: 

  • Monday Night Prayer, 7:30-8:30pm: Worship and prayer focused on our IGSL community, our families, and our nations.
  • Women’s Prayer Gathering, Wednesday 9-10am: For women only, this is a time to worship, reflect on Scripture and pray for one another.
  • Jumaa Prayer for Muslims, Friday 6:30-7am: Praying for Muslim people, communities and nations to follow Jesus.
  • Friday Prayer Pause, 12noon-12:40pm: An optional prayer gathering for all IGSL students, staff and faculty to seek God through silence and contemplative prayer.

“Recharge” Worship and Prayer Nights: This monthly event is an opportunity for our community to seek God together, refocusing our hearts on Him and drawing refreshment and encouragement from His presence. The scheduled nights for the 2019-2020 school year are:

  • September 20, 7-10pm
  • October 18, 7-10pm
  • November 22, 7-10pm
  • January 17, 7-10pm
  • February 21, 7-10pm
  • March 13, 7-10pm
  • April 17, 7-10pm
  • May 15, 7-10pm

Annual Week of Prayer and Fasting (January 6-10, 2020):  Once a year, we invite IGSL community members to participate in a corporate fast in order to spend dedicated time seeking God together. We fast in order to express our longing for Christ’s return (Luke 5:34-35), to feast on the goodness of God and his Word (Matthew 4:4), to prepare ourselves for testing and ministry (Matthew 4: 1-2), to seek the Holy Spirit’s guidance and direction (Acts 13:2-3), and to seek spiritual breakthrough in prayer (Matthew 17:21). This is not mandatory, and each person can prayerfully decide how they would like to fast and to what extent they will participate in the corporate prayer and worship times offered during this week, but all are invited to seek the Lord in a special way. More details will be given at the end of the first semester.

In addition to the times we set aside to seek God together, there are two venues available for seeking God personally.

 the-prayer-garden2-1024x678Prayer Garden

The prayer garden is a quiet and beautiful place set aside for prayer at any time of day or night.

 Prayer Room

The Prayer Room is a small room that can be reserved for times of personal or small group prayer. It is located above the canteen, next to Koinonia, and is stocked with prayer tools and devotional books. To reserve the prayer room, simply sign up on the sheet outside the prayer room door. To use the room, you can get the key from the guard house if the door is locked. Please leave your shoes at the prayer room door and enjoy your time with God. (Please note: this room is intended for personal, family or single-gender group use.)

 1) Sign up on the sheet outside the room to reserve a slot in advance, but if there’s no reservation you may use this room without reserving. Please just log your name in the slot and enjoy!

 2) Leave your shoes at the door as a reminder to yourself that you are drawing near to God and as an indicator to others that the room is in use.

 3) This prayer room is for individuals or single-gender groups (married couples excepted). Feel free to pray alone or with your family or ISG-mates (but no ISG meetings). Children MUST be accompanied by an adult.

 4) No food allowed, but drinks in covered containers are okay.

The Prayer House is soon to be under construction in the current prayer garden. When completed this will be a dedicated space for the IGSL community to spend time alone with God as we all to gather for small and large group prayer and worship.

If you would like to volunteer with the prayer movement in leading prayer or worship, or if you have ideas for how we can grow as a praying community please email: prayermovement@igsl.asia.

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