Celebrating the Best Gift Ever: Jesus Christ


This Christmas season, we are especially grateful for the opportunity to have shared the Good News and equip believers during the Ministry Week in November. Nineteen teams composed of 151 IGSL students, employees, and faculty were sent to 19 different Read More

IGSL Singles Conference: Half or Whole?


This year IGSL has the highest percentage of single degree students we’ve ever had. Along with our single staff who work at IGSL, there are about 70 adult singles on campus (most in their late 20’s or early 30’s). In Read More

Healing Through Humility: A Reflection

Healing Through Humility banner

Spiritually formative experiences are an essential part of the holistic training of IGSL students to grow in Christlikeness. As Christian leaders, they learn to value rest, healthy rhythms, and reliance on God and experience how these practices shape their life Read More

Theological Forum on Christian Ethics 2019

Theological Forum

A gathering of Christian philosophers, theologians, psychologists, sociologists, academic scholars, spiritual leaders, counselors, pastors, missionaries, community workers, & seminary students. Reason • Experience • Science • Scripture • Church • Culture __________________________________ Come and engage various research paper presentations by Read More