Monsoon rains greeted the 47 degree and 21 Partners in Ministry (PIM) first year students during the Freshmen Integration Training (FIT) on June 11, 13, and 14. Thankfully, the gloomy weather did not dampen the spirits of the newest members of the IGSL family! Many of them were both excited and anxious as they toured the campus, learned about IGSL life, and shared meals with faculty, employees, and old students.

This school year’s freshman batch represents 13 countries including Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Myanmar, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka, South Korea, China, and Vietnam. After eight years, we again have a student from Kyrgyzstan.

And for the first time, we welcomed four families from Mongolia, a country that is considered unreached with only 1.6%* evangelical Christians. This is why we are thrilled to equip leaders from this country that truly needs the gospel.

At the end of FIT, the first year students said they are most looking forward to:

Some of them are already sure of their ministry after they graduate, but some are here to gain a clearer vision of their Kingdom role. Wherever they are in their leadership journey, Leadership Programs Director Huy Merritt said the key is to be willing to change as God has a plan for them that may be different from the plan that they have.

*Data on Mongolia from Accessed June 18, 2018.