• Biblical Womanhood, Partners in Ministry


  • BA in Communication – University of the Philippines, Baguio

Shelby Zaragosa joined the IGSL faculty and became a Philippine Campus Crusade for Christ (PCCC) staff in 2010. Prior to that, she served in the school for 10 years as staff, helping pioneer its student services. She is presently co-leader of the Community Services Team and a member of Leadership Development and Human Resources (LDHR).

In her 17 years of experience at IGSL, Shelby has learned and loved the culture of the school. Through the different roles she has had and presently holds—as staff, student, and faculty—she is able to better understand the different members of the IGSL family.

Shelby values prioritizing God and His will in everything she does. She desires to maximize her life in fulfilling her “domino” role in the Great Commission.

She is married to Carlo, and they have two lovely daughters, Xielo and Xiana. She loves learning about people, places, culture, and anything that piques her interest. Because of this, stories are always running around in her head, and she hopes to write them down someday. Shelby reads a total of almost 100 books of all sorts each year (thanks to the existence of e-books)—novels, biographies, memoirs, short story collections, and others.

Motherhood is the hardest job she has ever had, which makes her more tolerant of her own and others’ imperfections. When she gets the hang of it (motherhood), she hopes to continue doing photography and blogging.

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