• Intercultural Studies
  • Old and New Testament Theology


  • PhD in Intercultural Studies – Columbia International University (in process) 
  • MA Global and Contextual Studies – Bethel Seminary
  • BS Electrical Engineering Technology – Milwaukee School of Engineering

Dan Hubert and his wife, Louise, joined the IGSL faculty in January 2020. Prior to this, he taught, mentored, and discipled men from the interior at a small Bible school on the south coast of Papua through the Evangelical Alliance Mission from 2011 to 2019.

His passion is in helping the body of Christ understand that we are living in a global community. Thus, we need to grasp that each culture is unique, but we are all the same in our need of redemption with God, our Father. He is also passionate about sharing the good news through oral methods of education.   

Dan and Louise are from the USA. They are blessed with three grown sons, Benjamin, who is married to Elizabeth, Noah, and Daniel. In his spare time, Dan enjoys volleyball, biking, and board games.

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