Life at IGSL

Community Time

IGSL Community Time
Every Tuesday, from 11:50 a.m. to 12:40 p.m. the IGSL family gathers at the chapel for Community Time. Planned and handled by the Student Council, Community Time takes many formats—from extended praise and worship, to sharing, to addressing specific issues or topics raised by the student body. Actively participated in by students, faculty, and staff, Community Time helps strengthen the school’s unity and vision.

Iron Sharpening Groups

A unique part of the students’ IGSL experience is a weekly discipleship meeting called Iron Sharpening Group (ISG). Led by a faculty member, the ISG meets for mutual encouragement, prayer, and Bible study, and sometimes just for fun. It provides a forum for discussing personal issues, interacting in an informal situation with faculty, and developing closer relationships with fellow students. As part of the personal development aspect of the curriculum, these groups form an integral and enjoyable part of the growth and training of IGSL students.

Prayer Time

IGSL Prayer Time   IGSL Prayer Time   IGSL Prayer Time
IGSL desires to help build a commitment to intercessory prayer within the family. Every week, the people of IGSL gather together for Dawn Watch (Wednesday, 6:00-7:00 a.m.) and Night Watch (Friday night, twice a month) to offer prayers, both personal and global. In addition, two Days of Prayer are held within the year during which students, faculty, and staff join together to praise and worship the Lord, and to intercede for His work throughout the world. Once every term, students observe a Day with the Lord with their ISGs for a time of personal and group reflection, spiritual renewal, and prayer.


IGSL Retreat   IGSL Retreat   IGSL Retreat
Once every school year, usually in February, the entire IGSL community goes off for worship, reflection, fellowship, and fun. For three days, everyone takes a break from the rigors of academics and ministry to develop deeper relationships and foster richer community.

In the 3rd trimester, the Day with the Lord becomes a two-day spiritual retreat for all degree students. The retreat is an opportunity for each one to personally commune with God.

Target Area Ministries

IGSL Target Area Ministry   IGSL Target Area Ministry   IGSL Target Area Ministry
To enable the students to apply what they learn even while they are at IGSL, IGSL provides three real-life ministry environments: Target Area Ministries, Ministry Weeks, and Team Leadership Practicum. Each student is required to be involved in a specific area of ministry and empowered to take initiative and leadership in winning, building, training, and sending disciples. Currently, the school has target area ministries in the campus, church, marketplace, and government.

Ministry Weeks

IGSL Ministry Week   IGSL Ministry Week   IGSL Ministry Week
Two times each school year, IGSL closes its doors and the IGSL family goes out for a week of outreach ministry called Ministry Week. Teams of students, faculty, and staff assist local churches in evangelism and discipleship. This provides an enjoyable opportunity to develop vision, skills, and relationships in the context of fulfilling the Great Commission. Each student is exposed to personal and mass evangelism, participates in training believers, and is challenged to see beyond his own ministry.

Team Leadership Practicum

IGSL Team Leadership Practicum
Their first summer at IGSL, groups of students go for a two-week ministry experience during which they learn Christ-like team leadership skills including team building, decision making, and conflict resolution. These groups are student-led.