Recovering a 20/20 Vision for God’s Kingdom

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One of the greatest joys we experience in IGSL is seeing God’s work in the lives of our students and alumni—how they are captured by the Lord’s heart and vision for the lost and how this changes their lives and ministries. Through their class Building Disciples in a Movement Context, a young first-year couple realized the urgency of the gospel, gained a deeper understanding of Jesus’ call to make disciples and the need to share this with their church family.

Though it wasn’t their first time to encounter such teaching, they came to grasp it more fully through the teaching and testimonies of their teachers who, at more than 60 years of age, are continually used by God to share the gospel and raise generations of multiplying disciples. One of these teachers is battling cancer yet continues to teach, mentor, and disciple. This catalyzed the shift in the young couple’s perspective from “Why do we need to do field ministry?” to “What are we doing with our lives?”

For two Sundays in October 2019, they shared Jesus’ vision (Great Commission) and mission (kingdom living, especially stewarding influence and impact, as well as life and character). Around 80 members of their church, from pre-teens to senior citizens, grabbed this opportunity to gain or recover a clear vision for God’s Kingdom. The following month, they conducted practical training on sharing the gospel, following up new contacts, discipling, and leading small groups. They did these together with their pastor and mentor, an IGSL alumnus from whom they first heard about disciple-making and kingdom building in 2013.

Aware of the fine line between depending on knowledge or training and on Jesus himself in doing the ministry, this couple prays that they would continue to let the gospel change them and that Jesus would be seen in their life. Before 2019 ended, 20 church members committed to be small group leaders and attend monthly equipping. They are praying for 30 or more who will lead groups of at least 6 people.